Useful Links

General information about allotments

National Allotment Society           NSALG

Allotment vegetable growing        Growing Advice

RHS                                                    Growing Advice

Allotment Forum                             Outside Forum

Jobs to do / What to plant             Monthly tips

Vegetable diary                                Handy Planner

Organic gardening                          Organic gardening

Spacing your plants                         Spacing Advice

Recipes (including some for those vegetable gluts we sometimes get)

Vegetable recipes                           Veg recipes

Courgette recipes                           Courgette

Beetroot recipes                              Beetroot

Leek recipes                                     Leek

Runner Bean recipes                      Runner Bean

Rhubarb recipes                              Rhubarb

Jam                                                     Jam recipes

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Local Flower and Veg. show          Haywoods Show

Some local history                           Doomsday reloaded 

River of Flowers                               River of Flowers