Allotment rules


Conditions of Use

1. Trees

1.1. The Tenant shall not without the written consent of the Association cut or prune any trees, apart from carrying out the recognised pruning practices of fruit trees.

1.2. The Tenant shall not plant any trees other than dwarf fruiting trees and or fruiting bushes without the prior consent of the Association.

2. Hedges and Paths

2.1. The Tenant shall keep every hedge that forms part of the boundary of his Allotment Garden properly cut and trimmed, all pathways between plots trimmed and well maintained up to the nearest half width by each adjoining tenant, keep all ditches properly cleansed and maintained and keep in repair any other fences and any other gates or sheds on his Allotment Garden.

2.2. The Tenant shall not use any barbed or razor wire (or similar) for a fence adjoining any path on the Allotment Site.

2.3. Public paths and haulage ways (roads) must be kept clear at all times.

3. Inspection

3.1. The Tenant shall permit the inspection, at all reasonable times, of the allotment garden by any officer of the Council or of the Committee.

4. Water/Hoses /Fires

4.1 Water is provided in troughs, for the free use of all tenants. Those tenants who have a separate water supply on their plots must have a meter attached to measure their usage. These meters must be fixed in such a way, with an isolating double-check valve, so that they can be removed in winter to prevent damage. Meter readings must be supplied to the water manager or to the treasurer on emoval.

4.2 The Tenant shall within 21 days of demand pay such reasonable sum as may be demanded of him for the cost of his (metered) water use.

4.3 Tenants must use water sensibly and responsibly, and any leaks must be reported and/or repaired immediately.

4.4 The Tenant shall practice sensible water conservation, utilise covered water butts on sheds and other buildings and consider mulching as a water conservation practice.

4.5 The Tenant shall have consideration at all times for other tenants when extracting water from troughs.

4.6 No fires are permitted on the Allotment Site except for those organised and managed by the committee. See schedule 2 (Health and Safety Document).

4.7 The Tenant shall not install a metered water supply without first gaining written permission from the Committee.

5 Dogs

5.1 The Tenant shall not bring or cause to be brought onto the Allotment Site a dog unless it is held at all times on a leash, and remains on the Tenant’s Allotment Garden only. Any faeces to be removed and disposed of off site by the Tenant.

6 Livestock

6.1 Except with the prior written consent of the Association the Tenant shall not keep any animals or livestock on the Allotment Garden save rabbits and hens (no Cockerels) to the extent permitted by section 12 Allotments Act 1950. (Such animals not to be kept for trade or business purposes and accordingly to be limited in number as the Association may provide in writing.)

6.2 Livestock must be kept so that they are not prejudicial to health or a nuisance.

7 Buildings and Structures

7.1 The Tenant shall not without the written consent of the Association erect any building or pond on the Allotment Garden, provided that consent shall not be refused under this clause for the erection of any building reasonably necessary for the purpose of keeping rabbits or hens or be unreasonably withheld for the erection of a garden shed, greenhouse or polytunnel the maximum size and positioning of which shall be determined by the Association. The Tenant may also require permission from the relevant planning authority.

7.2 Only glass substitutes such as polycarbonate, perspex or other alternatives may be used in any newly permitted structures.

7.3 The Tenant shall keep all sheds, greenhouses, polytunnels and other structures in good repair to the satisfaction of the Association.

7.4 The Association will not be held responsible for loss by accident, fire, theft or damage from Allotment Garden.

7.5 At the end of a tenancy, an outgoing Tenant will be allowed 14 days to remove any personal property from the plot, after which time any property remaining, including structures, will be deemed to be part of the plot. At the start of a tenancy, an incoming Tenant may make use of any property on the plot, but may not at any time sell or otherwise dispose of any structure or other property that was on the plot at the start of the tenancy, without the written permission of the Committee.

8 General

8.1 The Tenant shall not deposit or allow other persons to deposit on the Allotment Garden any rubbish, refuse or any decaying matter (except manure and compost in such quantities as may reasonably be required for use in cultivation) or place any matter in the hedges, ditches or dykes in or surrounding the Allotment Site.

8.2 All non-compostable waste shall be removed from the Allotment Site by the Tenant.

8.3 The Tenant shall not utilise carpets or underlay on the Allotment Garden.

9 Notices

9.1 The Tenant will ensure that there is a prominent plot number at the entrance of their plot and it is in good order and is visible at all times.

9.2 The Tenant shall not erect any notice or advertisement on the Allotment Site without prior consent of the Association.

10 Car Parking

10.1 Only the Tenant or persons acting for them shall be permitted to bring cars onto the site and they must be parked in the designated areas for parking shown on the allotment plan and not obstruct the roadways at any time.